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I am an Assistant Professor of Technology in the department of Technology, Operations and Statistics (TOpS) at NYU Stern School of Business. I recently graduated from UMD Smith School of Business.

My research focuses on digital platform policies and the impact of policy changes on all sides of the platform. Some of my ongoing research include:

  1. Tackling excessive screening on online sharing platforms such as Airbnb.
  2. Tackling “over-seeking” sensitive user information on mobile platforms such as Android.
  3. Enabling interactions between content providers and viewers on Smart TVs.
  4. Studying the economic impact of institutional forms such as Seed Accelerators.

Research Focus: Platform Self Regulation, Information Privacy, Mechanism Designs, Asymmetric Information

Methodology: Econometrics, ML (Deep Learning), Textual Analysis, Field Experiments

My dissertation research investigates the impact of platform policy changes that reduce the imbalance between different sides of an online platform. My dissertation has gained immensely from my interactions with my committee which includes Prof. Siva Viswanathan (chair of the committee), Prof. Peng Huang, Prof. Rajshree Agarwal, Prof. Gordon Gao and Prof. Anna Alberini.

You can find my CV Summary here and Full CV here

Raveesh Mayya Professional

Research Interests

The following are 4 of the research papers that highlight my current research interests and industry collaborations. Please refer to my curriculum vitae for a list of all my published/working papers

Media Coverage of my paper on Forgoing Screening in Airbnb : Snider Focus

Media Coverage for my Android Privacy Policy Paper : ZDNet , International Business Times , Smith Brain Trust , Maryland Today

Media Coverage for my Startup Accelerator Paper : Snider Focus

Smart TV Viewing

Impact of Multi-Staged Informational Interventions on Smart TV Viewers: Evidence from a Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment

Status: Experiment complete, conference submissions in progress. (Joint work with Siva Viswanathan) A large-scale randomized field experiment to improve the efficacy of Broadcast content consumption on Smart-TV by leveraging multi-screen connectivity to smart devices such as smart phones ...
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Sharing Economy

Who Forgoes Screening in Online Markets and When? Evidence from Airbnb

Status: Forthcoming at MIS Quarterly (Joint work with Siva Viswanathan, Rajshree Agarwal and Shun Ye) An investigation of Airbnb’s policy change that allowed hosts to voluntarily forgo screening and how that improved outcomes for a sub-section of hosts ...
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Informed Consent

Delaying Informed Consent: An Empirical Investigation of Mobile Apps’ Upgrade Decisions

Status: Under review at Management Science (Joint work with Siva Viswanathan) Android’s Information Privacy Policy enactment, strategic delaying of privacy policy adoption by some apps and impact of such strategic behavior on apps’ outcomes on Android Play Store ...
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Seed Accelerator

Seed Accelerators and Information Asymmetries: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Investments

Status: Invited for re-submission at Management Science (Joint work with Peng Huang) A comprehensive study of how seed accelerators help investors in addressing the assessment and valuation problem of startups and aiding them in achieving their investment goals ...
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I currently teach Information Technology in Business and Society (TECH UB 1) at Stern School of Business, NYU. TECH UB 1 focuses on how digital technologies are fundamentally different from other technologies. The course covers fundamentals of digital technologies, internet technologies, platform ecosystem and database systems, among others. I received a congratulatory email from the dean of undergraduate studies for my first attempt at teaching this course.

IT in Business and Society (TECH UB 1) – Spring 2021 (2 sections, 92 students)
Teaching Evaluation: 4.5 and 4.6/5.

During my two terms as an instructor in Database Systems (with lab) at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, I have also covered basics of Data Mining, Data Visualization and Frontiers of Data Science. I’m thrilled to have received Distinguished Teaching Award in my first attempt at teaching.

Database Systems (BMGT402) – Spring 2018 (38 students, IS/Business Analytics Major)
Teaching Evaluation: 4.72/5.00
Recipient, Distinguished Teaching Award 2017-2018 (Top 10% among all Faculty & Student instructors)

Database Systems (BMGT402) – Fall 2018 (38 students, IS/Business Analytics Major)
Teaching Evaluation: 4.87/5.00


Here are some of the Awards and Grants that I have received during my Ph.D. journey


Smith Outstanding Dissertation Award – UMD Smith’s annual dissertation award


Frank T. Paine Award for Academic Achievement – One of the two most prestigious awards for a doctoral student at R.H. Smith School of Business


Allan N. Nash Outstanding Doctoral Student Award – One of the two most prestigious awards for a doctoral student at R.H. Smith School of Business
Distinguished Teaching Award AY 2017-2018 (Top 10% among all Smith School instructors)
Nancy S. and Edward F. Ebert Graduate Award in Free Enterprise by Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets
Best Paper Proceedings, Entrepreneurship Track – AOM Annual Meeting
Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award, Graduate School at UMD
NSF Student Travel Grant – to present at WEIS 2019 (Harvard, Cambridge)
OCIS Travel Grant – to participate at OCIS Doctoral Consortium at AOM 2019
International Conference Student Support Award – to present at WISE 2019 (LMU, Munich)
Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant – to present at SCECR 2019 (CUHK, Hong Kong)


Computation Grant for Big Data Research by the Ed Snider Center
Summer Research Fellowship by UMD Graduate School ($5000)
Financial Aid to complete 5-course specialization in Deep Learning by Deeplearning.ai
Travel Grant – To participate in Wharton Innovation Doctoral Symposium (WINDS 2018)


Research Grant by the Ed Snider Center


Research Grant by the DIGITS Center
Dean’s Fellowship, Spring 2016


Dean’s Fellowship, Fall 2015

Books Published

I have been a passionate quizzer (trivia master) and have gained immensely from the quizzing community. I ventured into writing Quiz books as an attempt to contribute back to the community that nurtured me.

Book 1: Blitz the IT Quiz Book: I wrote this book during my freshman year at college (over a decade ago). Sapna Book House, a reputed publisher from Karnataka, India published this book during my sophomore year. Currently, the 6th (2018) edition is in circulation

Book 2: Kryptonite the IT Quiz book: This book was published in 2011, just before I started my MBA. The 2nd edition is currently in circulation and the 3rd edition is in the pipeline.

Read more about my books here

Beyond Research

Prior to/Along with pursuing my academic research, I have dabbled with and have developed a few alternative passions.




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raveesh [at] nyu [dot] edu