By Petar Milošević (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Books I authored

I wrote my first book, Blitz – The IT Quiz book, at the age of 19. I became the first and the only teenager to have authored a book for Sapna Book House, Karnataka’s leading book publishing house. Since then, I’ve topped up my writing skills by adding 2 more titles under my name.

Blitz – The IT Quiz book



The idea to write this book occured to me when I failed to “win” the TCS Rural IT Quiz 2004. Thanks to the librarian from my undergraduate school, I got in touch with the customer relations manager of Karnataka’s largest book publisher, Sapna Publishers. I got a chance to explain Mr. Nitin Shah, the MD of Sapna, why he should publish my book. Its quite a memorable moment when he said, “We will go ahead with publishing your book. We will print the next edition only if your first book does well in the market”.

Since 2006, Sapna Book House has published 6 editions of Blitz, a testimony to its market acceptance. You can find the latest version of the book by clicking here


Kryptonite – The IT Quiz book

I published this book in 2011. Despite its eclectic name and a not-very-popular cover-page concept, the book has taken off. Currently the 3rd edition is in the pipeline.  Buy the book by clicking here